3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Video With Editing


Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and chances are that you will want to capture that moment on film so that you can cherish it forever. In order to avoid having a bland wedding video that you can't stand watching, you will want to make some suggestions for what the final video will be like. It will help give you a finished product that you can be proud to watch over and over again.

Hire More Than One Camera Operator

A mistake that many people make when hiring a company to make their wedding video is sticking to just one camera operator. It may be to save money, or because they don't want cameras following them around all day. When one camera films your wedding, it makes the options for editing the finished video very limited. They may miss an important moment, or simply be running around like crazy all night trying to capture everything.

Having a minimum of two camera operators is crucial to having a well-edited video. It will allow the editor to cut between multiple camera angles so that all of the mistakes and camera shakes are removed. It will also allow one camera operator to get a wide shot of a moment, while the second camera operator goes in for a close up.

Sum Up The Day With Montages

When you pull out your wedding video on your anniversary, you are not going to want to sit down and watch the whole day in real time. Some couples are so concerned with having the entire day on film that they do not think about what makes a great video.

Summarizing parts of your day in musical montages can be a great way to re-watch what happened without being bored. Your video editor can focus on the highlights of what happened without showing everything in real time. Of course, if you prefer to have certain aspects shown in their entirety, like your vows, just let your editor know.

Supply Photos And Home Video For The Video

While an emphasis is often on the day of your wedding, do not forget about the events that surrounded it. Giving your editor photos and home video from your rehearsal dinner or honeymoon can be a great addition to put at the beginning and end of your wedding video. Something such as a short and simple slideshow set to music can help you remember those moments.

Following these tips will help your wedding video be something that you enjoy watching for years to come. For more information, talk to a professional like Watrous Video Productions.


26 February 2015

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