Gone To The Dogs: As Dog Shows Increase In Popularity, So Does The Amount Of Rental Equipment Needed


Dog shows are growing in popularity. As a result, they have a beneficial economic impact on the hosting communities. One of the reasons why dog shows benefit a community is because the hosting kennel clubs must rent a significant amount of equipment.

What is a Dog Show?

A "dog show" is an event that judges dogs on certain criteria. The term usually refers to confirmation competitions, but also refers to agility, obedience, schutzhund, and herding trials. A dog show can have more than just one type of event.

Most dog shows in the United States are sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. Founded in 1884, the American Kennel Club sanctions over 22,000 dog shows each and every year.

Dog Shows: An Economic Honey Pot

The American Kennel Club sanctions its shows through over 5,000 regional and local kennel club organizations. These organizations usually schedule their dog shows once or twice a year.

Dogs and their handlers travel the dog show "circuit," heading from one town to the next to compete in successive events. These events not only bring the competitors, but also pet lovers and spectators. As a result, dog shows have developed into extravagant events that can generate over $1 million in the hosting community! Some of this revenue results from needed rental equipment.

What Equipment Does a Hosting Kennel Club Need?

For most kennel clubs, owning all of the event equipment is impractical because these clubs only sponsor dog shows a few times a year. Thus, hosting kennel clubs will often rent the equipment from the local community. The type of equipment that a kennel club needs for a dog show depends on the size of the dog show and what competitions it is hosting, but some equipment is standard.

  • Chairs: The largest dog shows can attract over 2,500 competitors, and for every dog competing, there are at least a few people attending. That is a lot of chairs! To accommodate spectators and guests, a kennel club must rent an appropriate number of chairs to place at ringside and in the grooming areas.
  • Tents: If a kennel club is sponsoring and outdoor dog show, it will rent tents to cover each ring. Some kennel clubs also arrange tents in the grooming areas so that competitors do not need to bring their own. The show must go own even if the weather is less-than-perfect, so these tents protect dogs and spectators against drizzle and sunshine.
  • Tables: Kennel clubs also rent tables for their judges. When analyzing small breeds, a judge will have the handlers place their dogs on a table so that the judge can more easily study the animal. Handlers usually bring their own grooming tables, but sometimes a kennel club will rent a few extra for traveling competitors.

Many times, the type of rental equipment needed varies because of last-minute conditions. For example, kennel clubs frequently need to adjust for overnight weather conditions, so they will need generators, heaters, and floor air conditioning units. If production equipment fails, a kennel club will also need to rent speakers or a mic. For more information on equipping a dog show, contact General Rental Center.


27 February 2015

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