3 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Boost Attendance At Your Next Convention


Social media isn't just for sharing pictures with far away family or making dinner plans with close friends. Social media can also be used to create a buzz about your upcoming convention. Not only is this basically free advertisement, but it's also simple. Given the tremendous amount of money that often goes into planning a convention, getting attendees in the door is imperative. Here are just some of the ways you can use social media to boost attendance at your event.

Create a Hashtag

In case you don't know what a hashtag is, this is a phrase or word preceded by the pound sign identifying a topic for which a specific social media post is about. Create a hashtag fashioned after the name of your event. This process is free and only takes a few seconds to come up with.

Once you've decided on a hashtag, include it on your website and all your communications you send out to potential attendees, for both print and electronic correspondences. The more people that use your hashtag on their posts, the greater the audience you get to advertise your convention to.

Make an Exclusive Account

Consider creating social media accounts exclusively for your convention. You can use these pages as command-central for all information concerning your event. However, the best thing is that you can get people to follow or like your page. When you can get people to connect with your page in this way, you can make a near limitless number of posts that will show up on their timeline each time they access the application.

This allows you to keep the convention fresh on their minds. Just like the hashtag, make sure you are including each of your social media accounts on all your correspondences.

Establish Check-in Incentives

Social media applications, Facebook and Foursquare, offer a feature known as check-in. Users can use this feature to notify people on their friends list of an event that they are attending. Establish an incentive program for users who agree to check-in after they have completed registration for your conference.

For example, all attendees that use this feature might get a free keychain on the day of the event or early access to the convention floor. Again, each time an attendee uses this feature they are basically advertising your event for you.

If you're struggling with new ways to get the word out about your convention, whether at a conference center or elsewhere, social media can help. Make certain you are putting social media to good use for your next event.


22 May 2015

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