How To Decorate Tables For Your Daughter's Wedding


Does it seem like just yesterday that you were teaching your little girl how to tie her shoes and ride her bike? The first day of kindergarten probably brought mixed emotions, as you realized that this was the first step in your daughter's independence. Now that she's getting married, you're probably having mixed emotions all over again! Here are some ideas that might inspire you to decorate tables for the reception in a way that will be unique and memorable.

A Theme

Besides picking her colors, does your daughter have a theme in mind? Here are some ideas for you to consider together.

A Classic Theme - If you are decorating with a traditional theme, consider borrowing ideas from yesteryear. Think about using white lace over regular white tablecloths, and tie them with your daughter's wedding colors to give the tablecloths a scalloped effect. For the centerpiece, think about asking the florist to use white roses interspersed with other white flowers and baby's breath. If you have antique bowls or other antique containers, those would be perfect for the floral arrangements. 

A Birdhouse Theme - If the bride and groom love the outdoors, consider using birdhouses and colorful birds as the centerpieces. One idea is to ask the florist to make garlands of flowers in which to nestle the bird decorations. After the event is over, the centerpieces and the birds would make great gifts for the bride's attendants and others who have helped you during the wedding.

A Teddy Bear Theme - Does either the bride or the groom have teddy bears left over from childhood days? A floral arrangement incorporating them as the centerpieces would certainly add sentimental value to the decor. 

The Florist 

Before you meet with a florist, like those at Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel, have in mind how much money you want to spend on the floral arrangements. If you have picked a theme, explain it to the florist and, even better, try to bring pictures. Your florist will be trained and experienced, so if you haven't chosen a theme, he or she will be able to advise you with different suggestions. The florist will probably have a portfolio of work done previously. If you use any of those ideas, the designs can be altered to fit your specifications. The florist is also a wonderful resource for bouquets, corsages and boutineers. Be sure to place your orders early so that hard-to-find flowers can be obtained in plenty of time.

Best wishes as you and your daughter plan her wedding.


23 June 2015

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