Promotional Modeling: More Than Just A Pretty Face


Today's companies have to fight harder than ever before to help their products stand out in a sea of options. In order to help set their products apart from their competitors' products, many companies have turned to promotional models for help. If you want to work as a model promoting a specific brand, there are some marketing concepts you should master.

Promotional models are more than just a pretty face, and having skills in the following three areas will help you become more successful at promoting brands in the future.

1. Learn to speak the right "language" when engaging with customers.

As a promotional model it will be your job to help get customers excited about the brand you are promoting. While many people think that talking to potential customers is simple, there is a fair amount of strategy involved in marketing a brand correctly.

Learning to speak the right "language" (the language of marketing) as you engage with customers will be beneficial in furthering your career as a promotional model. You should strive to use sentences that help customers see how the product you are promoting is a catalyst that will help them achieve their goals. This type of language will motivate the customer to take action, which will increase sales for the company you are promoting.

2. Strive to convey the brand ethos at all times.

If a company has hired you as a promotional model, they likely want potential customers to not only make immediate purchases, but to remember their brand in the future. You can help accomplish this task by conveying the brand ethos to customers in conversation.

A brand's ethos is the unique characteristics and values that set it apart from competitors. Be sure that you take the time to find out the history of the products and brands you promote, so that you can convey these messages to customers during your promotional modeling gigs.

3. Improve your people skills by becoming a better conversationalist.

Bringing in new customers will be easier if you are the type of promotional model that people want to engage in a conversation. You can easily improve your conversation skills by taking the time to be more genuine in your interactions with customers.

Although you are getting paid to promote, customers will respond to you better if you show that you are genuine, selectively use the power of touch, and don't talk to the customers, but with them instead.

Becoming a successful promotional model takes time and effort. Make sure that you are taking the time to improve your marketing skills if you want to book more promotional modeling gigs in the future. For more information on trade show models, click here.


6 July 2015

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