Check before You Check In: Who Can Accommodate Your Military Reunion?


Looking for a place to hold a military reunion? Sure, you can just go by whatever you find in the Yellow Pages, but how do you know whether that place is going to be really hospitable and a great resource for event planning? Take a look at these points that will help you decide where people will "bunk" at your next military event.

Noise Issues

How you handle this depends on the group that you're hosting. In some cases, your military group is going to want to sleep early, and get up at 0500 hours for roll call. In that case, you'll want a hotel that does a good job of enforcing quiet hours and providing security to keep things quiet at night.

But what if your group is a more rowdy bunch? In this case, try to find a hotel that will have room for you to party after official military events. That means a hotel that has enough empty space where others won't be bothered by your activities and start to cause problems.

Proximity to the Venue

If you are visiting a VFW or American Legion location during the day, or holding events anywhere else off-site, you want your hotel to be in proximity to these other places. Otherwise, you're going to end up shuttling everybody all over the neighborhood. So do your location research, and make sure that the venues you select are handy and convenient for those who are participating.


Do your travelers need a continental breakfast to make the morning meal convenient when getting to their first station in the morning? Look at the amenities that hotels offer, including pools, gyms, cafes, and other extras, to make sure you have what you need for your event.

Military Affiliations

Some hotels treat every customer the same way. Others have specific military affiliations, and may be able to offer special discounts to men and women in the service. Some of these businesses may be run or founded by military veterans. Others just want to give back. This resource from The Alliance of Military Reunions shows some of the recommended places military veterans and others can go when planning an event.


You might not know it, but special events in some part of a city or metro area may be filling up hotels and making things difficult. If you can block out rooms for your event, make sure that the hotel will have a good amount of availability for your parties.

Think about these important issues when setting up booking temporary barracks at a military reunion hotel.


31 July 2015

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