Factors For Choosing The Right Conference Center


Each conference venue has its own perks and drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right conference venue. 

Consider the Location

The best conference centers will give you access not only to internal amenities, but to the amenities of a great neighborhood. Consider whether your selected venue is connected to public transit, walkable neighborhoods, and a variety of restaurants and entertainment options. 

Check the Wifi Speed

Fast internet is practically a necessity in a modern conference. To gauge how big of an internet connection you'll need, you can use online tools to estimate your bandwidth usage based on the number of people at your conference. Check to make sure that the strength and speed of the conference's internet connection exceeds these figures. 

Consider Hotel/Restaurant Packages

If your attendees will be paying for their own meals and lodging, you may want to choose a conference center who can help to guide you in the right direction for accommodations. Some conference centers will provide discounts on nearby restaurants and hotels for their patrons. Also consider whether the venue can give you discounts on nearby parking garages. 

Get a Customized Tour

Your conference center options will vary in their amenities, so you should get an in-person tour that caters to your needs. Before you approach a conference center, make a list of your most important features; a venue representative can then show you how the conference area can meet your specific needs. 

Consider Overflow Options

If all goes well, you'll have close to 100% attendance, but what happens if your conference area isn't big enough to accommodate everyone? Some conference centers can provide you with overflow options, such as the possibility of setting up a bigger room or overflowing into the main hall.

Communicate Closely about Expenses

Hopefully you won't be caught off guard when it comes time to pay your conference center bill, but communicating up front can help you beat surprise charges. Before you choose a venue, ask for an estimated bill and go through the expenses line by line with your venue representative. This way, you can accurately compare the expenses between different venues. 

Choosing the right conference center can be tough, since it will likely be about balancing your budget with the must-haves and nice-to-haves. When you follow the tips above carefully, it will become easier to plan a conference that meets everyone in your business's needs. 


5 August 2015

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