The Unique Connection Between Self-Defense And NLP Training


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is traditionally associated with psychological therapy, counseling, and self-improvement. Since NLP seeks to change how the mind perceives things, the integration of NLP into traditional psychological treatment approaches makes sense. More curious is the way NLP is integrated into self-defense and personal protection training. There should be nothing quizzical regarding the introduction of NLP training into a self-protection programs. Effectively training the mind could prove more resourceful than exclusively preparing the body for physical confrontations.

Changing Patterns of Thought

One goal of NLP training is to make changes in how a person thinks in order to develop better actions. A person with limited outlooks and beliefs is not exactly going to achieve much. Limited thoughts are not always grandiose or sweeping. Even seemingly minute flawed perceptions could undermine a person's actions. From a self-defense perspective, this notion is fleshed out in the inherent dangers of prescribing to the traditional "attacker/defender" model.

By defining yourself as a defender and an assailant as an attacker, you create perceptions of yourself as weak, passive, and reactive. Changing your perception of yourself to be a counter-attacker is more proactive. What that means is you do not defend yourself, you attack back.

Changing a Behavioral Approach to Self-Defense

Instead of ducking a punch or performing other slower, reactive defensive maneuvers before hitting back, you would work on hitting the opponent the minute the assailant releases a punch. This is a faster and more aggressive approach that eliminates more passive, slower responses to incoming attacks. While reaction drills and other forms of physical training are important, success starts with perception. The NLP strategy of ceasing to perceive yourself from a purely defensive perspective provides the psychological self-confidence to fuel physical performance.

Using Empowerment to Deter Aggression

Criminals and bullies, like most predators, target the weak because they are easy targets. A person who looks like he/she can defend himself is not likely to be targeted so easily. Effectively altering perceptions about how an attacker is to be dealt with takes you out of a defensive mindset. This empowerment projects outwards through such traits as a better posture, a more deliberate walk, and a head that is held high. Physically presenting yourself in empowered ways decreases the chances of becoming a victim.

Start Learning NLP

Taking self-defense classes is definitely a smart plan, but expanding training to psychological areas is even wiser. Seeking out the best NLP training through seminars, audio books, distance learning classes, and one-on-one sessions is strongly recommended to anyone serious about self-protection. 


25 August 2015

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