Fun Ideas For Grownup Birthday Party Plans


Are you in the process of planning for an upcoming birthday? Are you tired of boring party themes and are trying to come up with something unique and different? Whether the birthday party will be for yourself or will be for someone else, coming up with fun party ideas can be a challenge. The following are some ideas that are hopefully interesting enough to be incorporated into your party plans:

Bouncy castle: Why let kids have all the fun? While many party rentals will prohibit allowing adults to use their inflatables due to weight restrictions, others either don't care or have more durable bouncy castles. Once you've gotten the okay for you and your friends to use the bouncy castle, procure a bunch of pool noodles. You and your guests can have a "bouncy sword fight" tournament during the party, with the winner being allowed to take home an extra special party favor. This party favor doesn't have to be expensive and may work even better if it's extra cheap and also silly.

Food truck: If you don't want to spring for fancy catered food, but you also don't want to deal with cooking anything yourself, consider hiring a local food truck to show up at your party. While this may or may not be less expensive than a catered meal, your guests will almost certainly think it's more fun. Check out the party rentals in your area to see if any of them have actual picnic tables available for rent. You can always rent ordinary tables and chairs for everyone to sit at and eat, but picnic tables are likely to be a better match for the fun and carefree atmosphere that's being created by the food truck. 

Laser tag: Laser tag plays out similarly to paintball, except that the results are much less messy. And, unlike a water pistol fight, laser tag doesn't require any specific temperature to work. If you don't have a laser tag arena in your area or if you simply want to take advantage of your local terrain, you can sometimes get laser tag equipment along with your other party rentals. If simply shooting at each other with laser guns doesn't seem exciting enough, you can come up with interesting missions to accomplish. For example, you might choose one or more people to pretend to be fleeing from justice, while the rest of you pretend to be bounty hunters or police officers. The fugitive, or fugitives, will have to take down all of the pretend lawmen to win while the "police" will only have to take down a couple of fugitives. 


16 May 2016

Exploring Birthday Party Planning Ideas

Hello, my name is Trinity Billings. I am crazy about throwing wild birthday parties for kids and adults alike. Everyone should have a birthday party thrown in their honor after another year passes by. When I was a young kid, my parents always made a big deal about my birthday despite a lack of funds or time. As I grew older, I slowly realized all of the effort they put into making me feel special. As a result, I vowed to return the favor whenever I could. Today, I always throw my parents a big bash by renting tents, tables, chairs and decorations from event coordination companies. I work closely with party planners to make every event as special as can be. I hope to update this site with ideas that will inspire others to do the same for their loved ones. Thank you for visiting.