How To Honor America In Your Organization


Are you part of a large club or organization that holds a special event every year? Perhaps this is the year that you have taken on the responsibility of coordinating the event. If you have chosen to have a historical theme for the event, from choosing the activity to securing an event center, here are some ideas on how to honor America in your organization.

Get Some Help - Since this is the focal point of your organization's year, you may need others to help you to plan the event and then to see that it is carried out successfully.

  • You'll need somebody to put out advertisements of the upcoming event. 
  • Think of getting several people to help with the activity that will take place at the main event.
  • If you have chosen a historical venue, you'll need somebody who can secure costumes.
  • If you won't be renting costumes, think about finding several people who are good with a sewing machine.
  • One of the most important things you can do is to find somebody who can write the script for your activity. It might even be you!

The Activity - Have a play!

  • First you'll need to find an event center that has a theater as part of its design because you'll need a stage.
  • Think about the time of America's history that you want to feature.
  • For example, will you be covering the establishment of America and going through the history to today's period?
  • Consider selecting people in history to feature in your production. 
  • For example, you could do a historical venue that focuses on each of the presidents of the United States.

Extras - Remember to think about every detail way before the time of your event.

  • For example, will you be selling tickets? Decide what the money from the sale of the tickets will go to.
  • Will there be refreshments or even a meal served?
  • Who will write thank you notes at the end of the event?
  • Remember to factor in gratuities for those who have given service.
  • Think about somebody who is good with art who will be willing to design the printed program for your event.

After the historical event has taken place, think about making copious notes on what you think were the successes of the event and of things you would change.If your group decides to have another event with focus on history, those notes will come in very handy. For more information, contact companies like Capitol Theatre.


15 September 2017

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