Audio-Visual Planning: Steps To Take Before A Wedding


Audio visual planning is one important aspect of weddings that is often ignored. The fact is that a failed audio-visual system can ruin even the best of weddings. If properly factored into the planning, it has the potential of transforming your event into something amazing.

Think of the lighting, the slideshows, and the special effects. Creative use of lighting, coupled with ambient music can make all the difference, especially if you are planning an evening event. Here are a few tips on how you can factor the audio visual aspect in your overall wedding planning.

Hire Professionals

Unless you are highly skilled in this area, you do not want to take the risk of going it alone.

An audio visual team will organize the playlist and entertainment in collaboration with the bride and groom.

You as an event planner may not be familiar with the playlist or how to get it. For peace of mind, leave it to the professionals.

Verify the Equipment

Before you select an audio visual vendor, confirm that they can provide all the equipment you need in the right quantity. For example, how many microphones do they have? Are they cabled or wireless?

Ensure you have at least several wireless microphones in case of power failure, and also for the convenience of reaching all parts of the venue.

Do you need a projector, monitor, or laptop? Make sure they have these. Also, confirm the availability of speakers and sound mixers.

Do not forget the lighting and special effects.

Is there a hired band? Find out if your band will provide all the equipment or if you'll need to hire extra equipment.


Discuss and agree on how many staff will be covering the event and what their roles will be. Do they have sound and light technicians? How many?

Visit the Venue

As the wedding day draws near, visit the venue to check the availability of space for your equipment. Check to ensure that power outlets are within reach.

While at it, plan for power back-up in case of an outage. Confirm internet connectivity if you'll need it and that it is compatible with your needs in terms of speed bandwidth and satellite downlinking.

A few hours before the wedding, check all the equipment to ensure they are working properly.  

Just like all aspects of a wedding, planning the audio visual aspect requires much attention. Awaken your creativity and use it to host a memorable event. To learn more, contact a company like Audience Engagement Group


27 November 2017

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