How To Choose A Food Theme For Your Event


Themed events are a unique way of spicing up an event and making it memorable. The theme you choose for your event will affect all aspects of the event, including the food. So how do ensure that your caterers match your event's theme?

Event Details

First, you have to consider the details of the event.

What is the event?

Is it a family event such as a wedding, a corporate event such as a product launch or a closing ceremony for a conference? If it's a beach-themed wedding, for example, you may want to include an assortment of coastal dishes and drinks. Sea-foods and colorful fruit-filled cocktails may be appropriate.

Who will be attending?

The attendees will determine to a large extent what foods will be served. Are they adults, children or a mixture of both? Are they locals or international guests?

If it's a children's event, for example, finger foods such as pizza, burgers, and fries will be just fine. But that may not work for the older generation. If you have an international guest list, you may consider offering a more varied rather than a specialty menu.

Consider the season

You could choose your event's theme according to the season. If it's Christmas season, you can choose a Christmas theme and serve a traditional Christmas dinner. At Halloween, you can play around with the menu by changing your menu and drinks list to suit the season.  

How much time?

Consider the amount of time you have. This will determine how you will serve the meals. Plate service typically takes longer than a buffet. Foods that take long to prepare or eat such as lobster or barbecues will go well with an event where time is not an issue.

Past Experience

Bring on board your past experiences. Have you participated in a themed event before? What food was served? If you've worked in a beach hotel, for instance, you have an idea what an "under the sea" theme involves.

Do Your Research

Delve into the culture of that epoch or theme. Visit related restaurants and sample their foods. If the theme is wine tasting, find out what goes with that?

Stick to the Familiar

If unsure, go for the tried and tested. Opt for popular themes such as James bond, rock and roll etc. But be careful not to go overboard.

Themed events can be memorable or can go awfully wrong. But all in all, they give you an opportunity to test your creativity. Start small and learn as you grow. HIre a good private or corporate catering team to help guide you.


27 November 2017

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