Plan A Water-Themed Party To Welcome The Beginning Of Summer


If you are a school teacher and a parent and are looking forward to the summer and the days on end that you and your youngsters will be able to spend time together, welcome the beginning of the vacation with a water-themed party. Use the planning strategies and the activities that follow to make the gala a hit.

Prepare Invitations and Request a Covered Dish or Accessories

Get your children in on the action by requesting that they help you make invitations for the party. If your children are young and have not learned how to spell or write yet, they can still help by drawing pictures on the front or inside of each invitation. Think of a title for the party, such as Beach Blast or Summer Water Fun. Write the name across the front of each invitation.

If you plan on serving some grilled food items or cold sandwiches during the event and do not want to overexert yourself by preparing a ton of additional side dishes or snack items, request that each of your guests brings a homemade covered dish or accessory to the party.

Cold salads, pies, disposable dinnerware, or utensils are some items that you can request from your guests. Mail the invitations well before the party so that the recipients will have plenty of time to respond. 

Rent Some Inflatables and Install a Stereo System and Decorations

Inflatables that are designed for water play can be rented from a party supply business. A water slide, wading pool, or inflatable obstacle course rental that utilizes a sprinkler system are three inflatables that will make the water event enjoyable and that will keep the children and those who are young at heart entertained for hours.

Prior to renting inflatables, inquire about the weight limit for each item so that you can ensure that not too many utilize one of the inflatables at the same time. If the restrictions are going to require that only a few people are one of the inflatables at a time, let your guests know what the rules are when they arrive at the party so that there is no confusion and so that everyone is provided with plenty of time to enjoy the inflatables.

Install a stereo system outdoors and add some decorations that are reminiscent of the summer. Beach balls, artificial palm trees, or a small tiki bar are some items that can be placed along the edges of your yard. As guests are enjoying the food and festivities, they can listen to some beach music that is played on the stereo. 


24 May 2018

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