Five Feasible Ways To Make Your Wedding Weekend Less-Stressful


Cut down on the stress of your wedding weekend with some simple, and very doable, tips. While it is festive to gather friends and family together, situations can arise that can cause grief and anxiety for the newlyweds.

Five effective and feasible ways to make your wedding weekend less-stressful are:

  1. Go for an all-in-one venue. It really comes down to the venue; find a space that has hotel accommodations for your guests and keep things simple and relaxed. When you have the lodging and venue together in one location, you won't need to transport guests or help lost visitors. Plus, it helps your guests navigate unfamiliar areas much easier.
  2. Hire on-site caterers. If your venue offers an on-site catering service, take advantage of it. This really creates a simple and predictable event and the couple won't be filling drinks or serving food.
  3. Trim the guest list- again. Think you have trimmed your guest list down enough? Try again; trim down your guest list a couple times to reduce the overall stress of your wedding event. It will cost less to invite fewer people and it is easier to accommodate them all when the crowd is smaller. Plan on a nice reception or party later to celebrate with the masses; keep your wedding weekend to just the closest family and friends.
  4. Hire a DJ. Hiring a DJ for your wedding weekend serves a couple of purposes; first, they serve as a live music act that is typically fine with most venues. Second, when you hire a DJ, they can also act as a master of ceremonies. This role includes introducing the couple, announcing the events, and basically keeping things moving along smoothly, so take care to hire the right DJ for the job.
  5. Schedule some time to do nothing. Time is tight during the wedding weekend and events so schedule some time- to do nothing at all. You might want a nap or to spend a few hours with your partner before the ceremony; whatever you choose to do, don't let the rigors of wedding plans revoke this time. Write it on the schedule and guard it with your life!

If your wedding venue and hotel accommodations offer wedding planning services, it is likely worth the effort to include this in the budget for your nuptials. This could eliminate a lot of coordination and details for the couple.

Make your wedding weekend as stress-free as possible with these five sensible and feasible tips. The key is finding the right venue, like What's Up Monterey, that has everything needed and inclusive for your big day. This ensures less-time working at your wedding and more time spent enjoying your event.


15 March 2019

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