Why A Glamping Venue Can Be Perfect For A Wedding


If you haven't heard of the term "glamping," it describes the relatively new phenomenon of glamour camping, which is appealing to a lot of people. When you're planning your wedding and are seeking a unique type of venue, you might want to look at different glamping areas around you. Many are suitable for holding weddings, and this can be appealing to you if you're envisioning an outdoor ceremony but that has swanky surroundings. Here are some reasons that a glamping venue can be a perfect spot for your upcoming wedding.

It Combines Formal And Rustic

Many people enjoy combining formal and rustic elements in a number of ways. In your home, for example, you might use some formal elements and some shabby chic elements to create the vibe that you like. The combination of formal and rustic works well for weddings, and this is something that you can definitely achieve when you choose a glamping venue. For example, you might have a meal with formal plates, cutlery, and champagne glasses — but be sitting at picnic tables. This type of combination can be fun to implement when you're planning your wedding.

It Offers A Memorable Experience

Couples that are getting married frequently want to plan ceremonies and receptions that their guests will remember. A big thing that your guests will recall in the years ahead is your choice of venue. A conference room at a hotel or a local banquet hall won't stand out, for example, but a glamping venue definitely will. There's a good chance that many of your guests will have never visited a glamping venue, much less visited for a wedding, and it can be exciting to know that you're crafting a day that your guests will fondly recall for a long time.

It Keeps Your Group Small

There are likely different glamping venues that can accommodate a large group of wedding attendees, but there's little doubt that this type of venue is better suited to small groups than a large conference center. This can be ideal if you like the idea of a smaller wedding but you're uncertain about how to approach the guest list. For example, you might feel uneasy about not inviting certain people, but when you have a smaller venue, keeping your guest list on the smaller side can be easier for you. Visit a local glamping venue to determine its capability of hosting your upcoming wedding.

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1 August 2019

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