5 Common Mistakes When Planning A Corporate Event On Your Own


Planning and hosting a local office holiday party is a lot different than hosting a corporate gathering with thousands of employees. For this reason, just because your good at one, doesn't mean you're equally equipped to handle the latter. For large scale events, it's critical to hire an event consultant. Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to all sorts of issues.

1. Budget Busting

It takes a certain level of skill to develop a budget for an event, ensure the right amount of money is allocated for the different areas that make up the cost of the event, and most importantly, to stick to it. Event consultants perform these processes every day, whereas an amateur planner is more likely to go over budget. 

2. Event Gaps

It's important to keep the attendees entertained every moment of the event. Poor schedule planning that leaves attendees waiting around for 15 minutes here or 20 minutes there will be frowned upon, especially if people have paid their money to attend. You must have the experience to schedule the event in a way that the activities simply roll one right after another without any gaps.

3. Lack of Contingency Plans

Something will go wrong with your plan. The caterer will get stuck in traffic or a vendor will have to back out of the event at the last minute due to an emergency. If you haven't planned many events, this factor is one you've probably overlooked. Event consultants always have a backup plan for these sorts of mishaps.

4. Overlooked Accessibility

Choosing an event space involves more than looking over the interior. You should also consider how accessible it is. For example, is there parking, is it in an area of town that is prone to frequent traffic, or is it accommodating for people who have assisted devices? When you don't consider these issues, you will have major problems on the day of the event.

5. Fatigue Fog

Event consultants don't work alone; they work with a team. However, typically when a novice takes on such a large-scale event, they tend to try and handle everything by themselves. This sort of behavior typically leads to fatigue fog, which can cause the person to forget even critical parts of the planning process. 

An event consultant can help you plan your next corporate event no matter the size, theme, or even location. 

For more information, contact an event consulting service.


18 December 2019

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