Celebrate Your 21st Birthday With a Club Crawl: Helpful Planning Tips


A person's twenty-first birthday is one of the most special and unique times in a person's life. So naturally, it's a moment to celebrate. What better way to bring in this new chapter than with a club crawl? Whether you have a close friend who is about to reach this age milestone or you are planning your own celebration, learn how to plan an awesome club crawl. 

Pass Out Invites Sparingly

Sure, it's your birthday and you want to spend the evening with your favorite people, but you should probably avoid passing out invitations to everyone. First, the standard age for club entry is typically 21 years old, especially for any nightclub that serves alcohol. 

If you've turned 21, but some of your friends haven't, you don't want to invite them, since they won't be able to enjoy the experience. Think about each person's age at the time of the crawl before you pass out invites to avoid any hiccups. 

Don't Overlook Chaperones

Club crawls are so exciting because they are fast-paced and jam-packed full of fun. However, if you and your friends have just turned 21, visiting a nightclub for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. It's a good idea to invite someone who will serve as a pseudo chaperone to go on the club crawl with you, even if it's someone who is just a couple of years older than you. 

Any person familiar with the nightlife scene in your local area is great. However, keep in mind, club crawls are also guided by a tour guide. So, if you can't find anyone, the tour guide can provide you with all the help you need to experience an awesome and safe night.

Collect All the Details

Once you find out what club crawl company you want to partner with, ask them to send you a list of all the clubs you plan to visit. Again, if you've never experienced nightlife before, you might not understand the culture. For example, there are cover charges, table reservations, and even attire restrictions. 

If you get a list of all the clubs you will visit on your special night ahead of time, you have the opportunity to research the requirements for each of these locations so that you can pass this information on to everyone who you plan to invite to enjoy the night with you. The more information you collect, the better prepared you will be to have an awesome night. 

Keep these tips in mind as you plan a club crawl and twenty-first birthday to remember. 


19 March 2020

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