Are You Planning a Quienceañera Party for Your Daughter?


From the time your beautiful baby girl was born, did you already know that you would celebrate her fifteenth birthday in a very big way? Maybe that plan stemmed from your own family history. If you are hosting a fifteenth birthday celebration for your daughter, do you already have all the details of the party planned? If that's the case, you don't need to keep reading. On the other hand, maybe you are looking for ideas to make the quienceañera party a memorable event. Keep reading for some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Banquet Hall Rental Services

If your daughter's birthday party is months away, of course that means that you have some time to reserve a banquet hall. However, if the event is in the next few weeks or months, make sure that Banquet Hall Rental Services are arranged as soon as possible.  When you make the banquet hall rental reservations, find out if you can also rent things like tables and chairs. In addition, determine whether or not there is a sound system available to you. That will be very important when you need to use a microphone, or if you hire a DJ for part of the evening's entertainment. 

The agent you speak with at the rental service will more than likely help you find great caterers and things like a band or a DJ. 

The Decorations

Are you wanting to incorporate a Latin feeling into your daughter's quinceañera party? There are lots of fun ways to do that.

  • Consider having different types of piñatas hanging in strategic areas of the banquet hall. Save the biggest one for letting guests take their turn at breaking the piñata and helping themselves to wrapped candy.
  • Use colorful paper flowers and hand printed ceramic and pottery birds as part of the table decor. 
  • Display large photographs of your daughter from the time she was a little girl until present day.
  • Buy huge helium balloons, including a numeral 1 and a numeral 5. Tie those to the place where your daughter will sit.

When you meet with an agent from the catering company, ask that food from Hispanic areas of the world be the focal part of the menu. For instance, go with an extensive buffet that includes Mexican favorites like meat empanadas, tamales, barbacoa, enchiladas, mini stuffed chilies, and traditional sides like refried beans, rice and calabacitas, or squash. Flan or Tres Leches Cake would be perfect for dessert.

A wonderful surprise would be for a mariachi band to serenade your daughter at an appointed time during the party. The agent at the banquet hall rental service will probably be able to give you the name of great mariachi bands in your town or city. 


29 May 2020

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