Don't Forget These Additions To Your Wedding Tables


When you're planning how the tables at your wedding reception will look, you'll likely have a long list of products to rent. In addition to renting the tables and chairs, you'll also want dinnerware, linens, and more. Given all of the things that you need to think about, it might be easy to forget to add a few important items to your rental list. While a good wedding party rental company can provide you with some suggestions, it's always smart to have your own ideas about what you'll need. Here are some additions to your tables that you'll want to consider.

Number Stands

At a lot of wedding receptions, each table has a number. This is especially important at gatherings with large groups of guests, as it will help people to identify their tables quickly and easily when it's time to sit down. Many wedding party rental services have different number stands that you can rent. These stands can vary in design, but a simple idea is a thin metal stand that holds a number card. If you have a few options, it's a good idea to rent taller stands, as they make their numbers easier to spot from a distance.

Candle Holders

While you might wish to supply your own candles for your wedding — perhaps choosing a color that matches your color scheme or maybe going with scent-free products to respect your guests who have scent sensitivities — you'll need some candle holders to sit on each table. Wedding party rental services typically have wide selections of candle holders, so you shouldn't have trouble finding products that will complement the look of your tables. Whether you want small holders to complement short candles, or you're looking for something larger and bolder, ask your rental rep to show you what is available.

Artificial Flowers

You'll likely order real flowers for a florist from your wedding, but you may also want to entertain the idea of renting some artificial flowers. Doing so will help to keep your overall costs down, as artificial flowers are typically more affordable than real flowers. Some people like the idea of having artificial blooms on each table. For example, you might wish to arrange a few blooms in the center of each table with one or more candles around them. Ask your rental rep what artificial flowers are available. Ideally, you'll be able to find those that complement the real flowers in your bouquets.

If you need help, reach out to a local wedding party rental service.


14 September 2020

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