Hybrid Meeting Plans


A hybrid meeting is one that is conducted in person and remotely. Due to the physical location differences of various attendees, it is important to prepare an audio visual design that will be supportive of everyone who takes part in the gathering. Use components that will magnify people's images, amplify voices, and provide a clear depiction of the material that is being discussed.

Video And Audio Considerations

Because some people will be attending the meeting in person, you will likely not want to commit to hosting a meeting that will require these people to use a video platform or an online app. The live attendees should be treated just as they would at any other type of event that will involve people getting together in the same room. However, due to the minimized presence of the remote attendees, you may be inclined to make them feel more included.

Using multiple cameras and video screens will allow you to focus on various parts of the meeting room. Some cameras can be programmed to enlarge images, and others can be programmed to show a true representation of what is being filmed. The addition of video screens can also be used to provide the illusion that your remote attendees are present. 

For instance, if you decide to place a couple large video screens within the area where your physical guests will be seated, you will have the option of magnifying the images of the remote attendees and displaying them on the screens. This may make your remote guests feel as if their roles are just as important as the roles of the physical guests. It will help keep everyone engaged with one another.


  • video monitors
  • speakers
  • microphones
  • cables and wiring

Your Installation Team And A Check

A team of technicians who commonly prepare event spaces for hybrid meetings can install equipment that you already own. If you are going to be reserving equipment especially for the meeting, consult with a design service representative. This person will need to know about the proposed number of attendees, the size of the meeting space, barriers that could interfere with audio and visual equipment, and the proposed layout that you picked out for the audio visual equipment.

Once equipment has been installed, an audio and video check needs to be performed. Each piece of equipment should be assessed separately. The technicians who you hire can make adjustments to the setup, if necessary. A place like AVEX can give you more information.


16 February 2022

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