Reasons To Choose Magnetic Retractable Stanchions


When you begin to evaluate different retractable stanchion sets from your local event rental company, you'll quickly see that this crowd-control product comes in several different styles. It's worthwhile to take note of the belts that run horizontally between the posts. Many of these belts have plastic brackets on the ends that allow you to connect them to a slot in each post, but there are other designs on the market. Some belts have magnets instead of a bracket, which means that you'll connect the belt to the post by pressing the magnets against a metal section of the post. Here are three reasons to choose magnetic retractable stanchions.

Faster Use  

If you're able to test out a few different retractable stanchion sets when you visit a local event rental company, you'll almost certainly find that those with magnets are quicker to use. While hooking up stanchion belts that have brackets can be fairly quick once you get the hang of it, you may find that inserting the bracket at the end of the belt into the bracket on the post takes a little longer than you'd like. With a magnetic feature, you'll find that you're able to join the belt with the post in less time.

Ability To Use Other Structures

While you'll likely have most of your stanchion belts connected to posts, there may be areas in your venue in which you want to connect one belt to something else. Having magnets mounted to the end of the belt will make it easy for you to connect it to anything metal. Whether it's the metal frame around a door or some other similar element, you'll be able to firmly connect the belt to many structures. This isn't possible with belts that have bracket systems, as they're designed to only connect to posts.

Less Risk Of Damage

You may find that renting a set of magnetic retractable stanchions also presents you with less of a risk of damaging your rented product. For example, if you have a set with standard plastic brackets, you might be in such a hurry to set up the stanchion set that you force one of the brackets on the belt into the slot on the post at the wrong angle and cause the plastic to snap. Such an incident could cause a delay in your effort to set up the stanchion set. When you have a magnetic set, you won't have to worry about this type of damage occurring. Contact an event rental company in your area to learn about magnetic retractable stanchions.

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6 June 2022

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