Avoid Guest List Issues When Choosing Your Wedding Venue


Finding the ideal venue to host your wedding can mean more than simply enjoying the location or appearance. The concern of finding a venue you enjoy includes considering what will make your guests comfortable. Instead of choosing where to rent based only on your needs, consider what your guests will need and how comfortable they will feel at the venue. 

Consult with your partner and go over the guest list with the following considerations in mind before you sign a lease for the venue. 

Consider the Accessibility

If you're eager to book a venue for your upcoming wedding, you need to see whether your guests have any particular needs. A lack of wheelchair access can make some venues a poor choice since they can affect how easily your guests will be able to get around. ADA access is essential if anyone attending your wedding has mobility restrictions since you'll want everyone to be comfortable.

Stairs and multiple levels can make some venues a challenge for your guests, making it a vital concern to consider before you commit to venues to stay at.

Be Sure the Size Is Right

Along with checking out the accessibility of different venues, you'll want to see what you can expect regarding the square footage. The number of guests you're expecting can significantly affect whether a particular venue will be the right match for your dream wedding. Instead of being disappointed by restrictions over the size, be realistic about how many guests you want to attend your wedding.

Since there can be strict rules over the number of guests and even your ability to have children attend, you need to ensure the size of the venue is the right fit.

Plan for the Transportation

Suppose you're worried that the venue is located in an area that's difficult for guests to access. In that case, you need to see what you can expect for parking accommodations and any transportation that's offered. Having access to a shuttle can be ideal for remote venues, allowing your guests to park farther away and have accessible transportation.

Checking what to expect for the transportation to and from the venue ensures you'll be able to prepare your guests and make the venue's accessibility straightforward.

By checking what to expect from different wedding venues, you'll have an easier time committing to a venue. Being considerate of your guests will ensure that your wedding is a memorable time for everyone attending and won't have issues regarding making your guests comfortable.   

Contact a local private event wedding venue to learn more. 


29 June 2022

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