Chair Covers And Accessories For Group Events


A black tie event, a school choir concert, or another group event may constitute the rental of chair covers. Chair cover event rentals can be used to coordinate your audience members' seating area.

Spandex Or A Fabric Blend Stretch Covers

Spandex or spandex and a lycra blend are used to create slipcovers that are stretchy and designed to cover a chair in their entirety. A cover supplier may feature a series of sheer, opaque, or solid-colored covers that can be rented. These types of covers are well-suited for upgrading the look of a folding chair or another plain chair style.

They can even be used to mask the fact that all of your chairs do not match. If you have access to a series of metal chairs that include grey, black, and white models, the addition of stretch covers will provide symmetry to the seating area. The covers that a supplier offers will be sewn along the top and sides. They will be designed to stretch and slip over the back, seat, and legs of a chair. Stretchy covers will not appear wrinkled. Once the fabric is stretched out, any creases in the fabric will be eliminated and the covers will have a smooth surface.

Flowing Fabrics And Ruffles

Flowing fabrics are often used to construct chair covers that will be used for formal affairs. It doesn't matter whether people will be seated in banquet-style chairs, cafe chairs, or cane-back chairs, any type of chair style can benefit from the addition of a fancy, flowing fabric cover. A fabric cover may be designed to drape along the sides of a chair and contain lace trim, or other adornments. It is important to provide a chair's width and height dimensions to a rental supplier since this will guide them in recommending flowing cover products that will fit the furnishings.

Ruffles and bows are some accessories that an event rental supplier may feature. A stretchy fabric ruffle can be used to enhance the back of a chair or the legs of a chair. Accessories that utilize a band style may contain elastic between two layers of ruffled fabric that are sewn together. Once the fabric bands are stretched, they can be slipped over the parts of the chair that are going to be accented. A supplier may carry several ruffle band dimensions that can be used to accent several parts of each chair that one of your guests will be seated in. 


17 August 2022

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