5 Tips To Nail The Timing Of Your Wedding Processional


The processional of your wedding is the first big moment of the ceremony. But for all its importance, it rarely receives the attention and planning that it should. Consider the length and timing of that walk up the aisle. How can you ensure the right timing? Here are five tips for any couple. 

1. Choose the Right Music

What music do you want to accompany you and your attendants? While some couples go with traditional wedding music, others pick customized songs that have meaning or reflect their personalities. Whatever you choose, it should be long enough to allow everyone to comfortably process but not so long as to create any awkward pauses.

2. Practice During the Rehearsal

When you get together with your wedding party for the rehearsal, make sure you practice the processional (and recessional) in full. One of the best ways to do this is to begin the rehearsal with everyone in the positions you want them for the ceremony. Then, recess and process again. This helps all participants understand where they're going and how they get there. 

3. Do a Dress Rehearsal

Any wedding party members wearing unfamiliar clothing and footwear should practice processing while in full dress. This is particularly important if wearing a very long dress or if not used to high heels. Walking the walk is vital to prevent anyone from tripping on anything or having to stop to awkwardly reposition things. 

4. Consider Doubling Up 

Do you have a large wedding party? Want parents, grandparents, kids, or other family members to participate? Having everyone process down the aisle individually — or even in pairs — can drag out the processional for too long. Guests will tire of standing and waiting for this portion of the ceremony to end. If necessary, widen the aisles to have three or four people process together. Or use two aisles to speed up the process. 

5. Don't Rush Things

Finally, don't be in too much of a rush to get down the aisle. As you practice, find a comfortable but slow pace that feels organic. When walking, practice looking around a little and acknowledging your loved ones. Savor this moment. Make time for the photographer(s) to work. In fact, many photographers suggest that each party member pauses at the beginning and end of their procession to allow photos. 

Where to Start

Want more help figuring out the right length, speed, and balance of your processional? Start by meeting with experienced wedding ceremony venues in your area today. For more information on wedding ceremonies, contact a company like Russo's On The Bay.


10 January 2023

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