5 Ways To Ensure Everyone Can Hear Your Outdoor Wedding


An outdoor wedding is a beautiful and cost-effective option for many couples. But it does have a few inherent challenges. One of these is ensuring everyone can hear the ceremony and reception activities. What can you do to help all your guests get the most from their experience?

Here are a few tips for any outdoor wedding venue.

1. Look Beyond the Site

Before you choose an outside venue, check out its surroundings. Is it near a busy road or highway? What businesses are in its immediate vicinity? Is there a construction site nearby? Have you visited the site during the day and time when you plan to have your wedding? Noise pollution from the neighborhood can be a big problem, so avoid surprises. 

2. Ask About Other Events

Many wedding and meeting venues have multiple events going on at the same time. This is normal, and most venues have systems in place to prevent each event from infringing on the other. Ask your venue if this is a possibility and how they will ensure a good sound experience for all events. 

3. Install Sound Equipment

Larger weddings and most outdoor weddings should have at least a minimal microphone and sound system. Even a smaller outdoor wedding can have more sound issues than a large indoor one, due to things like wind and the way that sound waves bounce around the environment. Discuss with your venue if they provide sound equipment so you have time to rent some if needed. 

4. Test Audience Reception

When preparing your ceremony, in particular, test out how well you can hear from various parts of the venue. Have people sit in different seats around the audience and do a test reading. Go beyond the simple 'testing, testing', though, because you want guests to enjoy and understand the meaningful ceremony you've prepared.  

5. Consider the Time of Day

Most weddings happen in the late afternoon or evening. But is this likely to be a noisier, busier time at your venue? If so, consider moving it to a brunch wedding or the early afternoon instead. This can do wonders for the comfort of everyone and reduce your own stress. 

Where to Start

Take these few tips with you as you tour outside wedding venues in your area. Discuss them with staff as well as your own planning team. No matter where you decide to hold your nuptials, you'll have a great time — and so will all your guests. 


9 May 2023

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