Accommodating Guests With Special Needs At Your Child's Birthday Party


As a parent, one of the most time-consuming and anxiety-inducing tasks you have is the annual planning of your child's birthday party. While birthday parties are a great deal of fun for your child, they take a massive amount of planning on your part. And, when your child has a friend or friends with special needs that they plan to invite to their birthday party, you may be fearful of making a party planning mistake that will exclude your child's guest, or worse, upset them or make them uncomfortable.

25 February 2015

3 Unique Reasons To Use Tent Rentals


Many people know that you can rent a tent for a wedding or other large party, but there are also several other reasons why you can benefit from using a tent rental company as well. This article will discuss 3 unique reasons to use tent rentals, and how they can benefit you: A Natural Disaster When a natural disaster occurs, many people are forced to leave their homes. Sometimes their homes are destroyed in the disaster, and other times they are simply unsafe to inhabit until the surrounding areas have been deemed safe.

23 February 2015